Buying Vintage Wedding Dresses

Vintage style that gives a classic traditional look has attracted more and more consumers, and vintage wedding dresses are not exceptions. Being very elegant and feminine, vintage wedding dresses are becoming popular nowadays. Gown is one of the most important components of any wedding function, and choosing an appropriate one is usually tedious.

The objective of this article is to provide you with an insight on vintage wedding and the various styles of vintage wedding dress. Regardless of the reasons why you wish to make a vintage wedding, one thing for sure is that there are several others who are looking forward to give their wedding day a unique feel. Though vintage trend is hot right now, you are still able to find the perfect vintage dresses at affordable prices.

You can begin by visiting a local thrift shop or a vintage salon to get a feel of vintage style. If you are looking for second hand items, you can find vintage wedding dresses that are as little as $40 or over $400 depending on the conditions of the dresses. If you wish to have one that is custom made, prices typically range from $ 600 to over $ 1500. But, of course, there are always several ways available to find cheap alternatives, such as online shopping.

Before selecting any dress, it is always good to get yourself familiar with the various vintage wedding styles:

In the 1920s, it is common to have dresses embodied the flapper with fun dresses and hemlines that may make your mother blush. Lace, silks, and netting were quite popular in those days which are in line with the Art Deco movement.

Then, in the 1930’s, sparkling rhinestones are the fashions. Hollywood played a major influence on the styles and designs. Dresses made from silk or satin were common then.

The 1940’s brides loved to display a glamor look by wearing padded shoulders, sweetheart necklines and long point sleeves. Princess gowns were popular in the 1950s with wedding dresses usually designed in ballerina styles and full skirts. Being elegant and clean, you can borrow something from the 1930’s Hollywood glamor and blend it to match the style you like.

Free love and the hippie lifestyle were the trend in the 1960s. Brides were more daring and more experimental as well as being more flirtatious. It is not uncommon to see brides wearing mini skirts. Lace was also popular during this period.

Then comes the 70s Hippie Wedding Dress. Usually made up of cotton or hemp, the hippie wedding dresses symbolized reunion with nature. Women during those period worn dresses that was as colorful and flowery as they can get.

Searching for a vintage wedding dress can be more fun than finding any other types of modern dresses. Vintage includes fashions from the past and each of them has their own unique styles. If you manage to find your perfect vintage dress, you will probably feel very satisfying and fulfilling as you have recreated something of the past. You will probably want to extend vintage to your other accompanying accessory items too.

Vintage Style – A Wedding Dress Unlike the Rest

Vintage wedding dresses have been making a major comeback in recent years, and small wonder: many vintage dresses offer styling and details you simply can’t duplicate on a modern gown without shelling out some serious cash. But the demand for vintage is outstripping the supply – it’s no longer likely you’re going to find that gorgeous vintage gown for a price you can afford.

That’s why vintage style wedding dresses are the next big thing.

What Makes Vintage Style?

Vintage style wedding outfits incorporate old-fashioned touches into today’s designs, or use vintage patterns with modern materials. They’re the perfect amalgam of the charm of the past with the style lines of the modern day. Here are a few things you might see in vintage style wedding dresses that you’re not likely to find in an off-the-rack gown.

Ribbons, Buttons, Lace

One of the downsides of the modern era is that nearly everything is machine-made, which means that touches that are hard to do well on a machine are going by the wayside. Those neat rows of perfectly-spaced buttons that you see on lots of vintage gowns? They’re difficult to create quickly and efficiently, so designers simply don’t bother. The same goes for ribbons and lace.

In vintage style wedding dresses, those beautiful touches are back in the mix. You can get a wedding dress with the attention to detail that makes vintage so desirable -without shelling out tons for the privilege.

Cheat History

Ever looked at the clothing from another era of history and thought you were made for it? Every era of history had its body-type darling, from the Twiggys to the Marilyns, and the clothes were designed to match. Vintage style wedding dresses work both ways – not only can you get married in the era that suits your figure best, you could also tweak a vintage pattern to flatter your shape.

No more trying to squeeze your fantastic curves into a flapper dress meant for a teeny-tiny 20s girl. Vintage wedding dresses don’t come in a variety of sizes, but vintage style wedding dresses do.

Express Yourself

That Vera Wang is very pretty – but it looks like every other bride on the block. This is your wedding, and you should look like the unique, fabulous person you are on this special day. A vintage style wedding dress is an opportunity to create a classic look that hints of a world beyond the one you’re in. Don’t blend in with the parade of bridal gowns; stand out in a gorgeous dress that can’t be found on or off the rack.

Vintage style bridal gowns let you take the most gorgeous designs throughout history and array yourself with them as you walk down the aisle. And no other era has been able to say that.